How to edit home page content?

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage settings. There you will see bunch of options to tweak your website’s homepage.

Slider Section #

Slider has plenty of options to choose with.

Real Estate Salient Pro has three type of sliders to show on home page. 1. Sliders, 2. Banner image with search box, Google maps. Before going deep into sliders, let us check the banner image with search box and google maps

Choose ‘image’ in slider type and select your preferred image to show. That’s all.

Google Map On Home Page #

Select ‘Map’ in slider type. That’s it. Google map will auto fetch and display where your properties are located. Your website’s visitors can zoom the map and check the properties from this map. PS: Google map requires API key to work. Go to Essential Real Estate – > Real Estate Options -> Google Map. Enter your Google Map API key there. You can get one for yourself by following the provided link. You may have to pay little for commercial purpose.

Slider #

We have added two kind of sliders to choose. One is cycle slider with different animations and another one is flexible slider with default animation. Both sliders works perfect.

What to show on slider? You can choose to show properties or posts on slider.

Recent or Custom properties? You can choose to show recent properties or  selected properties. If you go with custom list, an option will allow you to choose which properties to show in slider. Don’t forget to add some quality images into properties while creating new properties.

Slider transition style? We have added four different slider animation to choose. Check everything and go with what you like.

Slide period: It allows you to control how long a slide to delay before moving next.



Search Box Section #

You can enable / disable search box. If you enable it, a search box with multiple parameters will display in homepage under slider.

Recent Properties Section #

Title & Description under title allows you to add title of the section.

Layout style: This section helps to show recent property section in home page. Our theme has two difference layout of grid properties to display.

Properties select : This option gives power to choose what kind of properties to show up. You can choose between Recent/Features/Custom properties .

Features Section #

Title & Description under title allows you to add title of the section.

Layout style: This section helps to show your feature / service in home page in grid or style design.



Properties By type Section #

Properties by type section allows to show properties based on type like apartment, villa, Farm and everything.

Number counter Section #

Number counter section allows to show your funny facts. Here you can show the figures of how many properties have sold, how many brokers are dealing and any numbers you would like to display.

Agents Section #

Do want to show off your best agents in home page? this section will help you. It has two difference layout to choose with. You can show up to eight agents in this section.

Post carousel Section #

Would you like to show your recent news on home page? Here it is, this section helps to display  your recent news / blog pots in home page in carousel slider.