General Settings

Go to Customize – General Settings, there you will find a bunch of settings.

Website Layout #

You can control the layout of your  website. Wide layout makes the website fullwidth. Boxed layout makes the website boxed with top and bottom padding.

Primary Color #

It is your website’s primary colour. You can choose any colour from HEX color pallet.

Preloader #

A pre loader, or loading animations as they’re also named, is primarily an interface element that users see on screen when a web page is loading. You can turn on or off.

Note: Our pro version has up to 20 elegant pre loaders. You can upgrade here.


Show Back to Top Button #

Enable this option to show a button on right bottom corner. It will help your website visitors to go top by just clicking a button while browsing long pages.

Note: Our pro version has built with up to 20 elegant back to top button with customization. You can upgrade here.


Background Colour and Background Image #

You can change your websites background color / image here. High resolution image gives better look if you opt to background image.