Real Estate Salient Pro – Documentation

Hello customer,

Thanks for purchasing our Real Estate Salient Pro theme, You can find the documentation below for the theme. Please download the theme files from member area if you have already purchased.

  • Log in to the WordPress Administration Panels.
  •  Go to Appearance > Themes.
  •  Select ‘Add New’.
  •  Then select ‘Upload Theme’.
  •  Click ‘Browse’ and Locate ‘’ Theme in your computer.
  •  Select ‘’ and click ‘Install Now’.
  •  Activate now.

If you prefer to install via FTP, follow these steps.

  • Unzip to your Desktop.
  • Using an FTP client to access your host web server, go to wp-content > themes and upload your new copy of your Real Estate Salient Pro theme.
  • Now, log into the WordPress Dashboard with your login details.
  • Select the Appearance panel, then Themes.
  • You will see the theme in the list.
  • Then click Activate button.

Our theme requires number of certain plugins to work with, we have bundled the plugins into the files. All you need to do is install and activate the plugins. Refer the image below.

Click Begin installing plugins, then activate all plugins.

Installing demo content is just one click away in our theme, and it is a great way to start with. We have two inbuilt home pages to choose. Make sure you have installed and activated all the required plugins before install demo content. Go to Appearance – > Import demo data -> choose which one you prefer and import it. Usually import progress will take up to 7 to 8 minutes if your server working with enough speed. Shared hosting might take additional couple of minutes.

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Header Settings -> Website Logo. There you will see options to upload logo.

If you want to show just website name and description, remove the logo image and fill site title then select ‘Display Site Title and Tagline’ and publish.

Fevicon: Choose a square image of your logo to show a fevicon.

Top bar settings can be found at appearance -> customize -> Header settings -> Top bar options.

You can show/hide entire top bar as you like.

Email id & phone no

You can find few icons to choose for email id and mobile no. Choose an icon and fill your email id and phone number. If you want not show email id or phone just leave the box empty.

Social Icons

You can choose six different social icons ( Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, Telegram  ). Click add new social icon and enter your social media link.

Login / Member Link

You have option to show/hide register link, if you want to allow your agents to add properties from front end then this option will helpful.


Two steps required to create a home page.

Step 1:

You have to create two new pages manually as mentioned below. Go to Pages -> Add new

First page title : Home

Create a page with title ‘Home‘ and select ‘Home Page‘ in templates. No content required. Just publish.


Second page title: Blog

Create a page with title ‘Blog‘ and leave the template as Default template. Again no content is required. Just publish.


Step 2

Go to Appearance -> Customize  -> Homepage settings -> Custom home page: There select ‘A static page’. We are going to use the pages that we created in step 1. Select ‘Home’ in Homepage and ‘Blog’ in posts page. Publish. We have successfully set the home page. Now we are ready to tweak the home page content.

Go to Appearance -> Customize -> Homepage settings. There you will see bunch of options to tweak your website’s homepage.

1. Slider

Slider has plenty of options to choose with.

Real Estate Salient Pro has three type of sliders to show on home page. 1. Sliders, 2. Banner image with search box, Google maps. Before going deep into sliders, let us check the banner image with search box and google maps

Banner image with search box.

Choose ‘image’ in slider type and select your preferred image to show. That’s all.


Google map on home page

Select ‘Map’ in slider type. That’s it. Google map will auto fetch and display where your properties are located. Your website’s visitors can zoom the map and check the properties from this map. PS: Google map requires API key to work. Go to Essential Real Estate – > Real Estate Options -> Google Map. Enter your Google Map API key there. You can get one for yourself by following the provided link. You may have to pay little for commercial purpose.