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    I’ve pored over these forums looking for the definitive answer to this, and gotten lots of pieces of the puzzle but no clear way forward, so I’m posting here in hopes of collecting ideas.

    I have the common problem of invisible scrollbars in non-default themes (FF3, MacOS 10.5.3). This is even true in the case of themes that have been updated to 3.0. I gather it’s been caused in part by switching back to the old old scheme of having only one scrollbars.css file (not xulscrollbars.css and nativescrollbars.css)–themes that base their new scrollbars.css file on their old xulscrollbars.css are having disappearing scrollbar issues on Macs. What I can’t quite nail down, if this is true, is what the fix should be.

    I really dislike the default Mac theme, but I also dislike not having scrollbars. So I thought I might be able to tweak an existing theme if I understood the problem, and maybe this thread could be a resource for others (users or theme developers) that are trying to fix this.

    Please help.

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    Thank you

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